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Enjoy the charm of Japan in Shikoku!

  • Iokido (Kochi Prefecture)

    Iokido (Kochi Prefecture)

  • Shimonada Station (Ehime Prefecture)

    Shimonada Station (Ehime Prefecture)

  • Shimantogawa River (Kochi Prefecture)

    Shimantogawa River (Kochi Prefecture)

  • Matsuyama Castle (Ehime Prefecture)

    Matsuyama Castle (Ehime Prefecture)

  • Great Naruto Bridge (Tokushima Prefecture)

    Great Naruto Bridge (Tokushima Prefecture)

  • Dogo Onsen (Ehime Prefecture)

    Dogo Onsen (Ehime Prefecture)

  • Angel Road (Kagawa Prefecture)

    Angel Road (Kagawa Prefecture)

  • Awa Odori Dance Festival(Tokushima Prefecture)

    Awa Odori Dance Festival(Tokushima Prefecture)

  • Naoshima (Kagawa Prefecture)

    Naoshima (Kagawa Prefecture)
    “Red Pumpkin” cYayoi Kusama, 2006
    Naoshima Miyanoura Port Square 
    Photo/Daisuke Aochi

JR Shikoku is part of Japan Railways,
Japan's leading railway company group

JR Shikoku Tours

"JR" stands for Japan Railways, the general name for the company group that includes Hokkaido Railway Co., East Japan Railway Co., Central Japan Railway Co., West Japan Railway Co., Shikoku Railway Co., Kyushu Railway Co., and Japan Freight Railway Co.
The JR Shikoku travel brand JR Shikoku Tours (WARP NAVI) offers travel products at special prices using the JR Shikoku Group's network that provides services such as buses, hotels, rental cars, and ekiben train lunches throughout Shikoku.

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JR Shikoku is based on 'Ensuring Safety'

JR Shikoku is based on "Ensuring Safety"

We use the know-how of JR Shikoku, which bases its business management on "Ensuring Safety", to provide safe and comfortable travel for our customers.

JR Shikoku's Recommended Stopovers

JR Shikoku's Recommended Stopovers

Good Travel SHIKOKU

Enjoy shopping, boat tours, and various experience-type courses at special prices.

JR Shikoku's Recommended Stopovers

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The ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass is a special ticket limited to short-term foreign visitors, and allows limitless travel on Shikoku's six railways and routes (JR Shikoku Line, Tosa Kuroshio Railway, Asa Seaside Railway, Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railway, Iyo Railway, and Tosaden Traffic).
Ride all railways in Shikoku with a single ticket.

Enjoy the charm of Japan in Shikoku!
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