luxury sightseeing trains

luxury sightseeing trains running in Shikoku, Japan

A “Grown-Up Outing” aboard
the Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari

An “outing”, a small excursion somewhat different from sightseeing or vacation, has an exciting ring to it. The Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari is an authentic sightseeing train that evokes history and lets you easily enjoy tasteful grown-up outings in the fields and mountains.

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route map

  • Zentsuji Temple

    1 Zentsuji Temple

    The 75th temple of the 88 temple pilgrimage of Shikoku. It is known as the birthplace of Kobo Daishi, famous for founding the Shingon Sect.

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  • Konpira-dai-gongen

    2 Konpira-dai-gongen (Kotohira Shrine)

    Konpira-dai-gongen, which brings together worshippers of the sea god, is famous for its stone step pathway, with 785 steps to the main shrine and 1,368 steps to the rear shrine.

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  • Tsubojiri Station

    3 Tsubojiri Station

    A station with a rare “switchback”. It a secluded station that can only be reached by train or on foot and is not used regularly by anyone other than tourists.

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  • Oboke Gorge

    4 Oboke Gorge

    A gorge made by the torrents of the Yoshino River. With cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in autumn, enjoy the scenery the gorge as it changes with the seasons.

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  • Ochiai Village

    5 Ochiai Village

    A village where the descendants of samurai who lost at battle around 1,000 years ago were said to have lived. One of the top three great secluded areas of Japan.

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The lighting within the train car

The lighting within the train car looks even more beautiful in the tunnel.


Menu may differ depending on time.

  • luxury sightseeing trains

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    Charms of the sightseeing train 01

    Debut of the second Shikoku sightseeing train

    A genuine sightseeing train for those who want to easily enjoy a fashionable excursion through the fields and mountains. Each train car has a different special motif.

  • luxury sightseeing trains

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    Charms of the sightseeing train 02

    Train windows made for viewing the scenery

    From the rustic scenery of the Sanuki Plains, to the beautiful emerald waters of the Yoshino River, you won't be able to take your eyes off each changing masterpiece of a landscape as viewed through the train windows.

  • lunch box

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    Charms of the sightseeing train 03

    Carefully prepared cuisine

    We offer select dishes from famous establishments of the area, who use ample amounts of local ingredients. (reservations required)

  • Oboke Gorge

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    Charms of the sightseeing train 04

    Magical sightseeing spots of the area

    Sights rich in history such as Zentsuji Temple and Kotohira-gu Shrine (Konpira-san), and a secluded station with a switchback (Tsubojiri Station) await you, as does the Iya-no-Kazurabashi vine bridge a little ways off the route.